Making natural gas infrastructure more efficient and cleaner in the Northwest

As a nation, we have set a goal of fighting climate change to preserve and protect our planet. To be “carbon neutral” by 2050, it’s crucial to have a robust, leak-free gas distribution system to complement and supplement renewable energy sources and exploit new forms of zero-carbon and carbon-negative gases, such as renewable natural gas […]

Grant Falco, Co-Owner and General Manager, Falco’s Spokane

“In the beautiful Pacific Northwest, summer is best for spending time with family and friends in your backyard around a warm fire with dinner sizzling on the grill. That’s why the vast majority of Washingtonians spend the Fourth of July holiday cooking outdoors. And natural gas is by far the most popular type of grill […]

Michelle Palacios, Executive Director of Oregon Hop Growers Association

“The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the best breweries in the world. That wouldn’t be the case without our hops and natural gas. Oregon is the third largest hop producing state in the country with more than 7,600 acres. We used to be second but with cheaper energy and land, Idaho now holds […]

Derek Metson, Principal Greenbox Architecture

“Nearly 40% of energy used in Pacific Northwest buildings is from natural gas. Transferring to all-electric would result in at least a 15% increase in grid demand, which would result in rolling brownouts. We see this in central California right now, which is why when I design buildings, I often hedge for this by including […]

Toast a beer for natural gas!

By Douglas Weathers, President of Sodbuster Farms Inc. As policymakers and businesses pursue initiatives designed to reduce carbon emissions, I find little difference in our shared goal of combating climate change But there are differences in approach. Policymakers favor solutions designed to eliminate or increase the cost of natural gas, while businesses seek innovative methods to […]

Natural gas keeps our local orchards healthy

Trees play a vital role in our daily lives. The Arbor Day Foundation recommends planting fruit trees for their many environmental benefits. Fruit trees, like apples and pears, help clean our air and drinking water, benefit wildlife, and help reduce the impacts of climate change all while also producing healthy food. Since 1872, Arbor Day has been […]

Letters: Natural gas helps nurseries

By Jeff Stone, Executive Director of the Oregon Association of Nurseries As you visit your local nursery and prepare to plant your garden during National Gardening Month, remember those carbon neutralizing plants you love are possible because of natural gas. Oregon is home to some of the world’s most fertile land with more than 250 […]

Letters: Natural gas should be part of our future

By David Burger of Bend I am one of the thousands of union workers who rely on natural gas not only to cook or heat my home, but also for my livelihood. The natural gas industry employs nearly 2 million Americans. And it’s not just those of us laying the pipes or installing hookups in […]

Letters: Limiting natural gas is an inefficient option

By Scott Nedry, Fosseen’s Home and Hearth I found a recent op-ed celebrating limitations on natural gas in Washington state concerning. Nearly 70% of people prefer natural gas when heating their homes and more than 50% of the Pacific Northwest utilizes natural gas to provide efficient heating. As winter approaches, we rely even more on our […]

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