Making natural gas infrastructure more efficient and cleaner in the Northwest

As a nation, we have set a goal of fighting climate change to preserve and protect our planet. To be “carbon neutral” by 2050, it’s crucial to have a robust, leak-free gas distribution system to complement and supplement renewable energy sources and exploit new forms of zero-carbon and carbon-negative gases, such as renewable natural gas and hydrogen.

Our company, Onboard Dynamics is leading the climate-tech revolution in the Pacific Northwest with the introduction of its unique, patented natural gas compression technology to make our existing 75,000 miles of natural gas infrastructure as efficient as possible. This affordable technology platform enables our customers, Oregon and Washington utilities, to achieve environmental benefits by simplifying the compression and movement of natural gas. Whether they are deployed at a remote pipeline job site, in the field, or at a fleet yard, our product solutions can accept any low-pressure natural gas or a renewable natural gas source and then compress or move this natural gas for more responsible use.

Our team at Onboard Dynamics has introduced the GoVAC® Flex pipeline evacuation system as a tool to reduce natural gas pipeline leaks. New technologies such as ours, combined with improved remote sensing tools, ensure natural gas, and the pipelines that deliver it, help meet our national climate goals by increasing the efficiency in delivering the energy.

Studies modeling future U.S. natural gas consumption consistently show continued use of natural gas for at least the next 30 years, even in scenarios where the country achieves net-zero targets by midcentury. That’s because natural gas is reliable, affordable, and part of our clean energy future along with renewable energy sources.

There currently isn’t a viable replacement for natural gas in the U.S. energy mix, but we continue to make progress with zero-carbon gaseous fuels, like renewable natural gas and hydrogen. These fuels will play a significant role in supporting reliability and making the energy transition more affordable — but they, too, will require a pipeline network for efficient delivery to markets and end-users.

Onboard Dynamics will continue to look for ways to conserve and efficiently deliver energy as we work toward our nation’s climate goals and deliver a cleaner tomorrow.

By Rita Hansen, CEO and co-founder of Onboard Dynamics 

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Together we are taking a stand against government action that puts energy choice, affordability, and dependability in jeopardy – and so can you.

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