Energy Choice For ALL

NW Coalition for Energy Choice is fighting to protect your access to natural gas in the Pacific Northwest.

About Us

Like you, we at the NW Coalition for Energy Choice believe that every customer should have access to the energy that best meets their needs. Also like you, we believe that energy should be AFFORDABLE and DEPENDABLE, and that natural gas should remain as a part of the energy mix in the Pacific Northwest.

The Problem

At every level of government in our region, that choice is being taken away from individuals just like you at a rapid pace through overregulation and government overreach. When this happens, housing costs rise, businesses struggle to keep their doors open due to rising utility costs, and our workforce loses quality careers and future job opportunities.

There is no time to waste in coming together to fight these issues – which is why the NWCEC is working together with industries from across our region to bring people together to make your voice heard.