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The NW Coalition for Energy Choice is committed to safeguarding your access to the type of energy that best meets your needs, including your access to affordable and dependable natural gas.

About Us

The Northwest Coalition for Energy Choice (NWCEC) stands firm in our belief that each energy consumer is unique, and that families and businesses should have access to the type of energy that best meets their needs.

Unfortunately, here in the Pacific Northwest, there are efforts to deny consumers that choice at every level of government. This impacts our region by increasing the cost of housing and energy prices, limiting appliance options, and could result in job loss and future career opportunities in specific industries.

Most importantly, with a lack of energy choice, consumers are forced to rely on limited energy options that could be more expensive and less dependable, which is the worst possible combination.

Quite simply, this isn’t an either/or scenario. We believe there is a better path forward to an affordable, dependable, low-carbon future than taking away energy choice.

The NWCEC is collaborating closely with labor partners and energy customers across the region to strengthen our resolve, ensuring that you always have access to energy options, like affordable and dependable natural gas, and that your voice is heard at all levels of government.


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Together we are taking a stand against government action that puts energy choice, affordability, and dependability in jeopardy – and so can you.

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