Natural Gas Facts

Natural gas is a cornerstone of our region’s energy mix. Check out the facts below on the span and scope of its importance to our communities.

Throughout Oregon and Washington, natural gas infrastructure spans over 74,000 miles, safely delivering critical energy to families and businesses.1

In a recent survey, 73% of respondents agreed that families and businesses should have a choice of energy options to meet their needs, and not be controlled by politicians and government bureaucrats.2

Natural gas provides for thousands of quality family-wage jobs.3
Natural gas heating bills can run close to 1/3 of the cost of electric heating.4

Natural gas delivers warmth and comfort to over two million households and productive energy to nearly 200,000 businesses, institutions, and industries.5

81% of voters agree that communities with both natural gas and electricity are needed for energy reliability in case of heat waves, wildfires and winter storms.6

1 US Dept. of Transportation, Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration.
2 DHM Research survey of voters in the Willamette Valley, coastal Oregon, Clark County, WA, and the Columbia Gorge
3 American Gas Association
4 Energy Information Administration
5 Northwest Gas Association
6 DHM Research survey of voters in the Willamette Valley, coastal Oregon, Clark County, WA, and the Columbia Gorge

Together we are taking a stand against government action that puts energy choice, affordability, and dependability in jeopardy – and so can you.

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