Oregonian Editorial Board Defends Energy Choice!

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“Making housing more expensive when Oregon is in the midst of a housing crisis doesn’t make much sense.”

The Editorial Board of The Oregonian recently criticized Eugene’s natural gas ban for being a symbolic gesture rather than an actual plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“Eugene City Council could have led the way by offering incentives and explaining why electrification is a good choice to consider while still respecting individuals’ right to choose for themselves. Prolonged weather-related electricity outages in recent years show exactly why someone might want gas stoves and fireplaces – and even gas furnaces, with a generator – to keep warm and fed when the electricity is out.”

The piece concludes by calling for practical solutions that address the real problem of greenhouse gas emissions and suggests that if Eugene is going to tackle the issue, it needs to focus on solutions that will make a difference.

Right now, we are seeing our energy choice under attack through legislation introduced in the Oregon State House:

Heavy-handed legislation such as HB 3152 would mandate a complete transition to electricity for heating and other purposes in Oregon. Utilities can achieve climate goals without imposing additional costs on consumers, especially low-income families who spend a significant portion of their income on energy bills.

Keep the power of choice in your hands, don’t let all of Oregon turn into Eugene.

Stay informed and learn about the steps you can take to maintain access to your preferred energy choice.