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Help secure the Pacific Northwest’s energy sector and the livelihoods of 110,000 skilled workers while championing a cleaner, sustainable tomorrow. By promoting a dynamic energy mix of emerging renewable energy and affordable and dependable sources such as natural gas, we’re doing more than just creating jobs — we’re creating thriving families and communities across our region.

By combining natural gas with renewables, we’ve slashed carbon emissions by 61% in 15 years. Working together, natural gas and renewables will lower emissions faster, reliably, and affordably for generations to come while retaining energy choice for consumers.

For 1 in 3 families, energy bills are a heavy burden. Natural gas, 67% cheaper and doubly efficient, is a lifeline. Balancing sustainability and affordability is a key component as we advance technology and infrastructure.

Join the Northwest Coalition for Energy Choice in shaping an economically strong, environmentally conscious Pacific Northwest. Your advocacy supports jobs and cleaner energy while ensuring families can continue to afford to live in this region we call home. Together, we can thrive.

Together we are taking a stand against government action that puts energy choice, affordability, and dependability in jeopardy – and so can you.

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